An exploration of intimacy and desire during isolation.

At The Sound, we’re tireless in our empathetic approach to better understand people and the motivations behind why they do what they do, feel what they feel and buy what they buy. In the midst of a global pandemic, many of our deeply rooted human values and behaviors are turned on their heads. However, there is one desire that transcends these trying times: the need for human connection and intimacy.

The headlines tell us about how COVID-19 has impacted businesses and the boardroom…but what about the bedroom? The potential disruption (or eruption!) of sex and intimacy in the time of Covid is a fascinating byproduct of this pandemic – and one that people are continuously navigating as they attempt to (re)create a new “normal” for themselves during this time.

The Sound has set out to deeply understand Sex in the Time of Covid-19. Why? Because these pandemic times represent a real-time social experiment, and given The Sound’s focus on empathy and our desire to study and understand people better, this opportunity is ripe for exploration.

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To get there, we’re digging deep; talking to real people to understand whether their sex lives have changed or remained the same, how intimacy (or the lack thereof) has been impacted and, overall, any shifts in behaviors and beliefs toward sex that have taken place during this time.

Through a quantitative exploration (inclusive of both a data remine and a proprietary survey), an online scrape of sentiment and imagery shared across social and a series of conversations with people currently riding this sexual roller coaster, we’ll have a deeper and richer understanding of this new sexual reality.

Our heads are spinning as we think about trends we’re already seeing like strip clubs moving to Instagram, experimentation with online orgies, a new wave of Cammers, the spike of pornography viewing (+18% increase in worldwide traffic on PornHub!), the realities of life stage and relationship status on how/when/where/if sex can happen…and everything in between!

We’re excited to share what we learn and discover as we take a peek under the sheets! Keep an eye out for a snappy report and film coming your way.

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