Wellness has been an active part of the public consciousness for a while now. But what does wellness look like in 2020? We reexamined current wellness trends to identify which are standing strong in the face of quarantine and social distancing, which are being modified, and which are being switched up completely (possibly forever).

The idea of holistic care and the desire to achieve a sense of wellbeing are not new ideas. In fact, cultures all over the globe have been pursuing variations of holistic modalities in ancient times. However, what has sometimes lurked on the edges of mainstream society has now exploded into a 4 trillion dollar industry globally.

And the evidence is seen in a massive proliferation of new self-care products (Google Bath Bomb videos and you get 39 million hits) and entire industries like ‘wellness tourism’ becoming mainstream (MGM Grand In Vegas, the epicenter of excess, now has wellness suites available!)

However, 2020 has grabbed the idea of wellness firmly by the shoulders and shaken it in a violent and jarring way. The activities, lifestyles, and choices integral to people’s pursuit of holistic health have been impacted (possibly forever) by the current global pandemic that is COVID-19. We’ve revisited current wellness trends to examine which are holding strong in the face of quarantine and social distance. We’ve explored where we’ve seen people pivot and forge new paths in search of that overall state of wellbeing.


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Wellness trends 2020

#Wellness trends in 2020

Plant-Based Permission

The proliferation of plant-based everything has people fetishizing a plant-based lifestyle to the point of obsession. Regardless of processing, formats, and formulas, if it’s based in plants, it can be nearly anything and it’s all good.

Intensely Retreating

COVID-19, the screeching record scratch to people’s travel plans, has drastically limited everyone’s ability to “get away” and retreat. And while home used to provide a mini-retreat in between full-on vacations, that’s no longer the case (home = jail these days). The need to find ways for any version of a retreat is increasing and so are the options to do so.

Sound It Out

Finding outlets for stress relief and healing is more crucial than ever and people are utilizing aural delights to soothe their weary souls. And these days, popping in those AirPods is a lot more socially distanced than things people used to do to relax, like getting a massage!

Sober Curiosity

As the pursuit of wellness becomes solidly mainstream, so too does people’s desire for products to achieve it. Brands (big and small) continue to provide unique choices, helping people re-define how drinking can fit into their wellness dreams. Since meat isn’t defined by having animal protein, why should drinks be defined by ABV?

Sex Tech

Sexual well-being is part of a person’s overall holistic well-being – something that’s become extra clear in these quarantine times. People are exploring their possibilities like never before, be it solo or with others, and there’s an influx of acceptance and openness around the sexual experience. “Normal” simply isn’t a reference point anymore.

Highly Functioning

Weed is mainstream now, people! And that means people who enjoy it can avoid the stigma that it’s only for couch-bound stoners. Professionals, your mom, and probably your boss are all curious. Microdosing THC, CBD in every coffee shop, and Medmen on Madison Avenue has proven it can be a life enhancer and not just a weekend fling to forget on Monday.

Seeking Wisdom

In a time of a global pandemic, social unrest, and civil rights violations, the days of (only) indulging in self-reflection can now feel, well, indulgent. People are looking outward for answers to complex issues and just trying to make sense of what’s happening in the world.


What’s clear is that wellness is more important than ever. And people have been forced to become acutely aware of what they truly need to feel good. Being kind to the body. Getting real about emotional needs. And using the opportunity of an upended ‘normal’ to explore and experiment with new behaviors and practices. These are some of the things that characterize wellness amid the unpredictability that is 2020.

Want to learn about the biggest wellness trends of 2021? Give us a shout. We’re ready to explore.


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